Travel reports

Over the years, numerous actions have been participated in Mexico.
Here you will find an overview of all the trips we have carried out in the past.

  • Travel report 2022

    Travel report 2022

    After a break of more than two years, a trip to Mexico for our project against preventable blindness in Mexico has finally become possible. Norma Aragon, our contact person for the Mexican Ministry of Health and local organizer in Mexico City, has arranged for us to have one mission each in two hospitals in Yucatan.…

  • Travel report 2019

    Travel report 2019

    In spring 2019, Alex Heuberger, MD, and his motivated team traveled to Mexico for the 19th time. As every year, the logistics were a challenge. The daily routine of the surgical team also proceeds somewhat differently than here in Switzerland. But also this year, a total of 369 adults and children got their sight back.…