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Project against blindness in Mexico

Project against blindness in Mexico

We are fighting to give blind people a future and we need you


From the impoverished eastern Acapulco region. When she was only 5 years old, she was at risk of going blind and had to undergo surgery on both eyes. Thanks to the surgery, she was able to attend a regular school, which she has now graduated from, ranking among the top four in her year. She proudly informed us via SMS that she was chosen as the flag bearer for her […]
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Two brothers

Also impactful for me were two brothers from Chiapas who had a condition affecting both of their eyes, and whose family took a six-hour journey to have them examined. After their surgery, both brothers were able to attend regular school. However, during a follow-up appointment, it was discovered that they were both nearsighted, even after the operation. Local teachers began collecting donations to buy them glasses. They then traveled six […]
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Mayan Man

I also had fond memories of a small Mayan man from the Chiapas region who was about 70 years old. As an indigenous person, he hardly spoke any Spanish, but I understood that, almost blind, he no longer felt like a full member of his village community. Later, when he regained his sight, he burst into tears during the follow-up visit. He could now make himself useful again in his […]
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“Give the gift of hope!” New eyesight enables people to work and integrate socially

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